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Following the tracks of Bing Crosby

David Foster

Interview with David Foster.

Wow! What a week of shooting! We were flying over the big pond to the westcoast of the US. Los Angeles. Mekka of the music and film industry.

We got the chance to film with multi Grammy winners like David Foster, who produced a lot of Christmas albums including different versions of the Song Silent Night with Miachael Bublé, Mary J. Blige, Andrea Bocelli, Rod Stewart, Dolly Parton, Celine Dion and also Josh Groban, who also offered to shoot an Interview with us about his personal experience and feelings about christmas and Silent Night.

Interview Josh Groban

Interview with Josh Groban.

Josh Groban's perspective. (fltr,: director: Hannes M Schalle, camera operators: René Kiefer and Thomas Kreuzberger).

We also got the chance to film with Grammy winning singer songwriter Siedah Garrett, Emmy winning composer John Debney and Hannah Friedman, who are currently working on a musical of Silent Night, which is gonna premiere in November 2018 in Salzburg, the birthplace of the Song.

Siedah Garrett

Interview with Siedah Garrett.

John Debney

Interview with John Debney.

Hannah Friedman

Interview with Hannah Friedman.

We also made a trip out to the desert, to the little town of Rancho Mirage, where the famous Bing Crosby lived as he recorded his version of Silent Night, which made the song famous and brought it to the home of million of american families. Furthermore we shot the reenactment of Bing Crosby recording the Song for his CBS show.

Bing Crosby reenactment

Bing Crosby reenactor Griffith Frank and director Hannes M Schalle.

Shooting some establisher shots at the small desert town of Rancho Mirage.

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